Voxel Box Classics – Babiole

by Nebula on Nov 6th in Classics, Minecraft, Voxel Box

Ah, Babiole. This is one of my favorite towns built in the post-CaptainSparklez era. It is everything a town should be. The entire town is beautifully detailed and consistent throughout. Every pedestrian street and alley is decorated with small fountains, curvy trees and shrubs, and small statues. There are open park like areas as well as tight alley passes between buildings. It is lighted wonderfully, and is one of the few towns i prefer to walk around in during night instead of day. There is nothing here that I can consider an eye sore.

There are two major builds in Babiole:

  • Chateau de Rasoir. This is Razorcane’s home, and it is no ordinary home. The Chateau includes a bowling alley, a private indoor swimming pool, a map room, and a personal bar which is catered by Nebula.
  • Notre Pere de Babiole. It is a gothic styled, 97-block high, cathedral in the northeast corner of town.

It has been under construction since August, yet it is still considered “Unfinished” by its lead architect, Razorcane. It is Razorcane’s only city build on the Voxel Box, and he achieved both Builder and Sniper ranks through the town’s construction.  Many other Voxel Box members have taken up residence in the town and contributed houses and shops to the skyline.

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