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Xair: A New Zair

by Nebula on Dec 10th in Minecraft, Voxel Box

When the Zair project was started, some twelve months ago, I had no clue it would become such a popular build. I did not know what I was building at the time. What was orginally going to be gardens turned into cobble buildings, docks, and eventually a resort. I spent months redoing, revising, and improving the build. [...]

Happy Birthday, Zair.

by Nebula on Dec 3rd in Minecraft, Voxel Box

Zair, the infamous town on the Voxel Box, turned one year old today. The project was started on December 3, 2010. Speaking of Zair, it will soon be undergoing a transformation. It is going to be improved, expanded, and brought up to today’s Voxel Box standards.  

Voxel Smurf Valley

by Nebula on Dec 1st in Voxel Box, Voxel Plugins, Voxel Sniper

Hello everyone. Lately, I’ve been working on a large mountainous area on my map created with Voxel Sniper. The dimensions are about 1800 by 1100 right now. It has about a dozen mountains at the moment, with the lowest valley being at block height 3, and the tallest point being 128. I’ve added several waterfalls, [...]

Voxel Box Classics – Aerios

by Nebula on Nov 20th in Classics, Minecraft, Voxel Box

The greek and roman capital of Pangea… Aerios. Aerios is massive. It is a community driven project that has seen dozens of contributors over its existence. For whatever reason, it is considered inferior and a failed project by many on the Voxel Box, to the point it has been mostly abandoned. It is really depressing for [...]

Voxel Box Classics – Zair

by Nebula on Nov 20th in Classics, Minecraft, Voxel Box

A special thanks to Yogscast and Mexxy for featuring Zair, Bridgeport, & other Voxel Box builds at the Yogscast Panel @ Minecon. See the featured video segment here. Built in December 2010, Zair was one of the Voxel Box’s first establishments on Pangea. It was built by hand, block by block, in a pre-VoxelSniper era, [...]

Voxel Box Classics – Babiole

by Nebula on Nov 6th in Classics, Minecraft, Voxel Box

Ah, Babiole. This is one of my favorite towns built in the post-CaptainSparklez era. It is everything a town should be. The entire town is beautifully detailed and consistent throughout. Every pedestrian street and alley is decorated with small fountains, curvy trees and shrubs, and small statues. There are open park like areas as well as tight [...]

Voxel Box Classics – Citadel City

by Nebula on Nov 5th in Classics, Minecraft, Voxel Box

Pulled over from the original Voxel Box map, Citadel City was the first establishment placed in Pangea. It is a city fortress, in the shape of a perfect octagon. For most on the Voxel Box, it is considered the capital of Pangea. It was built by hand in mid 2010, prior to the existence of any Voxel [...]

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