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Voxel Smurf Valley

by Nebula on Dec 1st in Voxel Box, Voxel Plugins, Voxel Sniper

Hello everyone. Lately, I’ve been working on a large mountainous area on my map created with Voxel Sniper. The dimensions are about 1800 by 1100 right now. It has about a dozen mountains at the moment, with the lowest valley being at block height 3, and the tallest point being 128. I’ve added several waterfalls, [...]

Landscaping with Voxel Sniper: Forest Oasis

by Nebula on Nov 3rd in Minecraft, Voxel Plugins, Voxel Sniper

If you haven’t tried Voxel Sniper for Minecraft before, you really should. The plugin is not only easy to use and learn, but extremely powerful and extensive. A link to Voxel Sniper Recently, I have been experimenting with sniper while exploring various ideas, themes, and builds on my personal minecraft server. I thought I would share some of [...]

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